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SubReview is a UK site that allows anyone to add, rate and review subtitled films from around the world (especially Hong Kong, China, Japan and South Korea) along with video games, gadgets and books.

All ratings on SubReview are based on different emotions. This can give you a feel for what kind of journey something is going to take you on, instead of the standard mark out of 10! When rating items you can also add it to your list of favourites which other people can view.

If you want to add a review to SubReview then just…

  • Register here or login using OpenID on the left.
  • If the item you want to review has already been reviewed then you’ll be able add your own review on the review page.
  • If it hasn’t been reviewed then…
    • Check to see if the item you want to review is in the Reviews Needed list.
      If it’s on the list then just click ‘review’. If it isn’t, then click the add a new Film/Gadget/… link on the left and follow the instructions.
  • Don’t forget you can save your review as a draft at any time just by clicking ‘save’. You can view all your draft reviews by clicking the Draft link under the ‘Your Reviews’ section.

SubReview is a brand new site, so if you have any suggestions just email

SubReview was developed using Ruby on Rails v2 and Adobe Flex. You can find out more about how it works here.

Posted in Category::WelcomeArticle by sub1  11 Mar 08
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