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At some point when creating a Flex application you will want to update an item in the database using Rails(e.g. the details about a film).

To update a resource using REST you need to use the HTTP verb PUT, so the code below should work if we’re updating a film with ID=1:

<mx:HTTPService  id="UpdateFilm" 

Unfortunately the above code doesn’t work, if you look in the rails logs you’ll find it’s doing a POST. HTTPService supports GET|POST|PUT|DELETE, but only if the useProxy is set to true (which means your using a Flex Data Services).

The manual states if useProxy=”false” you can only use GET or POST. Not particularly good if you want to get some rest in:-)

Luckily Rails has a work around for this, which is the detection of a _method parameter on the end of a URL. For example:

<mx:HTTPService  id="UpdateFilm" 

Posted in Category::Ruby on Rails & Flex by sub1  19 Mar 08

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SubReview was developed using Ruby on Rails v2, Flex and Yahoo YUI.

The software design behind the scenes is roughly based on a REST based architecture. If you’ve never heard of REST before then this site has a good explanation about it.

Some of the REST resources on this site are:


Posted in Category::Ruby on Rails & Flex by sub1  17 Mar 08

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