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 R-Point (알 포인트)

A super natural war-horror film based in 1972 during the Vietnam conflict (US Version).
Actor Gam Woo-Seong   Director Kong Su-Chang   Writer Kong Su-Chang  
Released:14 February 2006 (South Korea)
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Review by nicos on 09 Apr 08

R-Point is set during the Vietnam conflict on an Island in a sacred area called R-Point.

The film starts with a radio transmission from a group of Korean soldiers who are believed to have died 6 months earlier in R-Point. Subsequently a platoon of soldiers are given seven days to search for these men. The film then follows their mission on a day by day basis.

The location of R-Point in real life is a Cambodia ghost town called Bokor Hill Station. On the DVD extras the prop guy tell us that people on the set had actually seen ghosts while they were there! After watching the film it's not hard to believe, I genuinely would not want to spend a night there.

Certain parts of R-Point reminded me of the hit US series Lost, which is no bad thing. It plays on the concept of being in an exposed place with nowhere to hide, combined with the fear of not knowing what's out there.

War films are normally fairly tense affairs but R-Points addition of the super natural element takes it up a notch. Combine that with an unpredictable story and it ends up being a really enjoyable film.

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