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 Sky Blue (원더풀 데이즈)

Animated action film set in 2142.
Directors Kim Moon-saeng   Park Sun-min  
Released:07 July 2005 (South Korea)
Review by nicos on 21 Apr 08

Akira for the 21st Century... Reading the quotes on the 2 disc special edition leaves you with the expectation that Sky Blue is going to be up there with the likes of Akira, Ghost in the Shell and Appleseed. A hard act to follow by any means.

The story is based around an environmental mess up which leaves the population divided in to two. The lucky ones are in a self contained structure called Ecoban, while the people on the outside of Ecoband are left to dig up carbon to fuel it (the diggers). The creator of Ecobad who now lives with the diggers wants to destroy it to help turn the sky from grey to blue, hence the name 'Sky Blue'.

To create Blue Sky they've used a mixture of miniatures, computer graphics and cell animation in a technique they call multi-mation. Right from the start you can see this technique works incredibly well. Some of the scenes are the best I've ever seen in a film of this genre.

Unfortunately by the time the end credits roll around you feel a bit let down. It had all the potential, but never really gets going due to an uninspiring plot. If you watch the special features you can see the attention to detail in the film was immense, you just wished they taken a step back from the visuals to see if the story was any good.

Overall though it is definitely worth a watch, just don't expect too much from the plot.

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